Mads M. Rehder: Publications

  2018 Submitted - Tidsskriftartikel Learning about Technology at a Danish Youth Club. /Niamh Ní Bhroin,  Mads Middelboe Rehder / Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy   Udgivet - Film/ Lyd og/eller billed produktion (digital) A day in Rainbow Cove Singapore / Dil Bach, Mads Middelboe Rehder / Aarhus Universitet (11:10 min)   Udgivet - Film/ Lyd og/eller billed produktion... Continue Reading →

(Ex)changeable Siblingship – Experienced and Practiced by Children and young people in Denmark (28:37 min.)

A film by Mads Middelboe Rehder, Ida Wentzel Winther,  Charlotte Palludan and Eva Gulløv. Camera and editing by Mads Middelboe Rehder and Ida Wentzel Winther. The film is part of an anthropological research project about sibling relations in Denmark. The collective research material includes interviews, observations, and filmed fieldwork with 94 children and young people from across... Continue Reading →

Read the blogpost “Clip, Move, Adjust”: Video Editing as Reflexive Rhythm Analysis in Networked Publics – Mads Rehder, Gabriel Pereira, Annette Markham March 15, 2017 Introduction This blogpost focuses on the methodological challenges of studying the dynamics of technologically and computationally mediated publics, especially regarding young people’s experiences. The method we discuss in here is part of a larger set of qualitative methodologies developed by Annette Markham as part of a six-year (and ongoing) study of how youth experience social media (authors).... Continue Reading →

Read the final version of “The camera as an ethnographic tool” 19. April 2017 In doing ethnographic research we all use tools with different qualities to capture and create our empirical material. Video recordings are increasingly used in ethnographic research.  In spite of this, little is written about what these recordings allow us to discover in the analytical process, or about the impact that working with visual material tends... Continue Reading →

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