(Ex)changeable Siblingship – Experienced and Practiced by Children and young people in Denmark (28:37 min.)

A film by Mads Middelboe Rehder, Ida Wentzel Winther,  Charlotte Palludan and Eva Gulløv. Camera and editing by Mads Middelboe Rehder and Ida Wentzel Winther.

The film is part of an anthropological research project about sibling relations in Denmark. The collective research material includes interviews, observations, and filmed fieldwork with 94 children and young people from across Denmark.
The film features 30 of these children and young people from 10 constellations of siblings. Covering siblings who live together with all of their siblings and siblings who live in multiple homes or on boarding schools.
Through children’s own voices, the focus is on the experience of being siblings, and how everyday sibling relationships can be demanding, challenging and difficult; yet also create closeness and emotional support.

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