Mads M. Rehder: Publications 2017

Note: The always updated list of publication can be found here on Pure


Udgivet – bidrag til antologi

MoRM and Future Memories : Collaboratively investigating a contrapuntal museum as a participatory research approach . / Rehder, Mads Middelboe; Ostrowski, Kasper. 1.edition udg. Aarhus, 2017. 9 s. Antologi

Udgivet – Net-publikation

The camera as an ethnographic tool. / Rehder, Mads Middelboe. 19 april 2017.

Udgivet – Net-publikation

MoRM and Future Memory : This post explores how the Museum of Random Memory was created and enacted by a group of artists, activists and academics who collaborated on investigating notions of material-, digital- and embodied memories at CounterPlay 2016. / Rehder, Mads Middelboe; Ostrowski, Kasper. 26 januar 2017.

Afsendt – Conference paper

“I’m an addict” and other sensemaking devices : A discourse analysis of self-reflections on lived experience of social media . / Markham, Annette; Tiidenberg, Katrin; Rehder, Mads Middelboe; Dougherty, Meghan; Sommer, Jannek K.


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