My postdoc in Creating Future Memory

Having just defended my Ph.D. in educational anthropology on separated young sibling’s experience of each other’s presence through embodied experiences and media use I am now starting my postdoc on Professor Annette Markham’s Creating Future Memory project.

In my postdoc I am interested in working on and developing innovative methods for understanding and preserving young people’s experiences of their own media-saturated everyday life.

Building on the theoretical framework from my Ph.D. which was inspired by Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of the body, and Don Ihde’s postphenomenology, I continue to work with film as the primary empiric approach to understanding young peoples experiences of their media-saturated everyday life. The aim is explore how young people relate to the automatically stored history of their media interactions and photo- and video captures in the different social media. I seek to find ways of grasping how the interactions and experiences captured by social media’s automatically generated history relate to personal experiences, and what this means in relation to the memories constantly being created. By collaborating with the participants in visual- and virtual projects I will pursue an understanding of how selected media snippings will create future memories and how these mediated memories relates to young people’s present experiences.

In the Creating Future Making project I will therefore continue to work with a visual approach and create collaborative projects with our participants in order to capture and understand their everyday life experience of what will become mediated future memories.

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